Saudi Arabia Confirms Iranian Oil Tanker Emergency

On Thursday the state news agency SPA reported that the coast guard of Saudi Arabia rescued an Iranian oil tanker that developed engine problem off the coast of Jeddah. Analysts reported that the vessel was carrying more than 1 million barrels of oil and might have suffered oil leakage.

The Iranian incident was not reported immediately after it encountered an oil tanker menace in 2018 along with the East China Sea killings 32 sailors. The U.S has currently staged campaigns over Iranian oil sales.

Reporting on the incident, Saudi Arabia’s news agency said that the authorities officially received a call for help from the vessel Happiness 1, the captain alleging they had “engine failure and loss of control.”

The agency said that the crew members of the vessels were 24 Iran nationals and 2 people from Bangladesh. The ship could be located at a distance of 70 kilometers (44 miles) South side of Jeddah in the Red Sea.

Among those to respond to the distress call was a contingent of government agencies and environmental protection agents.

TankerTrackers website quantified Happiness 1 cargo to be about 1.1 million barrels of fuel oil. It reported that the vessel moved along with Sabiti, a smaller sister ship.

The Sabiti shadowed the Happiness 1 after stopping its engines on Tuesday, helping its crew have a safe escape. Two Saudi Arabia’s tugboats moved closer to the vessel, as TankerTrackers report.

Reports by TankerTrackers said that there could have been an oil leak but it did not give much detail.

It wasn’t clear what caused the leakage though it is highly possible that something unexpected happened since the vessel neither slowed in speed nor deviated from its course as seemingly avoiding an incident.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have for a long time been on the war in the Mideast region. The U.S. president has since withdrawn America from the world powers’ nuclear deal building pressure on Iran concerning its oil sales.

In response, Iran has sent warnings saying that it will react aggressively to Trump’s threats if its oil exports are reduced to zero.

On January 6 last year, Sanchi, an Iranian oil tanker collided with the CF Crystal, a Chinese freight, 257 kilometers (160miles) in the East China Sea, off the coast of Shanghai.

The Sanchi, sailing to South Korea, was loaded with close to 1 million barrels of gassy, ultra-light oil and it burned down.