Apple wants developers to locate its “sign on with Apple” button above Google and Facebook

Apple Inc wants the login button in iPhone and iPad apps placed just above login buttons of Alphabet Inc’s Google and Facebook Inc.  The new design regulations announced this week require that the “Sign on with Apple” button be moved.

Most users normally click on the default option on apps, thus the new position of the login button for Apple will make it easily accessible. Apps will have to offer Apple’s button for them to offer options to sign in with either Google or Facebook.

Apple’s aim is to ensure users’ privacy through a random email address generated that hides a person’s real email. Apple’s login button was launched on Monday.

Most people prefer to log in to apps through their Google or Facebook accounts to avoid the need to memorize different user names and passwords.

The login buttons will then send feedback to their makers concerning any activity on the user’s app. On Monday, during the keynote address, Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi noted that Apple was trying to solve the issue of customer privacy as well as enable developers to provide a fast one-step login. User’s personalized data will not be shared with other companies.

Users will need to have the login button option if they intend to use apps that are linked to third-party sign-in once the Apple login button goes public.

The new guidelines on Apple’s login button may not necessarily affect apps that have an independent login system and also do need third-party login buttons from Google or Facebook. An example of an app that will not be affected is game maker Nintendo Co Ltd.

Apple’s button will also be used on websites. Since Apple cannot review websites as it does in apps that are on its store, its use will not be needed. However, Apple’s guidelines still demand that if it is to be used then it be accorded top placement.

All the affected apps have declined to give comments on the new sign in with Apple. However, Google commented regarding apps that are in its Play Store on any Android gadgets saying that it does not need a login button from Google to access the apps.